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Terms and Conditions


1.1. My Greek Villa SRL represented by Victor Camhis and having as its objective to promote and lease real estate with emphasis on holiday villas in Greece. Its head office is in Louvain-La-Neuve 1348 at 16 Place de l'Université, and is registered in B.C.E. under number VAT BE 0661622449 and whose account number is BE09 001794272957.
1.2. My Greek Villa SRL acts in the name of the owner/lessor of the property as authorized representative on the basis of a mandate and registered with the Legal Persons' Register ("RPM") of the Court of Brussels.


2.1. The properties/houses/villas proposed by MyGreek-Villa are not hotels or tourist residencies falling under any standard international categories. The villas reflect the local conditions and the taste of the owners both as regards the architectural style, the interior decoration and furniture.
2.2. The information given to prospective Clients concerning the description of the villas and their furniture are given in good faith on the basis of indications given by the owners and visits by MyGreek-Villa. They are supported by photographs presented in the website of MyGreek-Villa. All modifications concerning this information, which might take place before the beginning of the renting period, will be immediately communicated to the client by MyGreek-Villa.
2.3. If the Client considers that, despite all the attention of MyGreek-Villa, the information concerning the equipment and the capacity of the villa are inaccurate, the Client should immediately inform MyGreek-Villa. MyGreek-Villa will correct any inaccurate information on its website and inform accordingly the owner. MGreek-Villa takes no responsibility for ant losses, direct or consequential resulting from the inaccuracy of such information.
2.4. Tourist, sport or other information concerning services in the wider area of the location of the villa, originally provided by tourist offices or other sites, are transmitted to the client on an indicative basis. MyGreek-Villa takes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information. and do not imply the responsibility of MyGreek-Villa, if relevant descriptions change during the stay of the Client.


3.1 The prospective Client can request information by contacting the company by telephone and/or mail.
3.2 The Client should confirm his/her choice by email. MyGreek-Villa will issue by email a short term rental agreement which will include all necessary elements for the confirmation of the option (name and location of the villa, rates, dates of stay/rental period, number of persons allowed to occupy the villa, services offered and any other particular rules to be respected by the Client). The Client is required to send back the contract signed and dated by fax or scanned in PDF form or by registered letter to MyGreek-Villa within one week of its reception (the relevant deadline will be mentioned in the contract.). The reservation will be final when MyGreek-Villa has received the advance payment, as in article 4 and will send back to the Client the contract signed. The signature of the contract implies the acceptance by the Client of the present terms and conditions.


4.1 Advance payment: The reservation will be firm when the client sends to MyGreek- Villa the copy of the signed contract as well as the advance payment requested for the specific period of stay. For the reservation of any of the villas presented in the website of MyGreek-Villa an advance payment of 35% is requested. If the reservation is requested less than 60 days (that is 8 weeks) prior to the beginning of the rental period, the confirmation is firm only when the total amount is paid.
4.2 The Client should pay the rest of the amount agreed for the rental period at least 60 days (that is 8 weeks) before the beginning of his stay.
4.3 The Client who will not have paid the remaining of the total amount at the agreed date will receive a reminder by email or registered letter. If there is no response after 7 days following the reminder, MyGreek- Villa will consider that the reservation is invalid and the advance payment will be retained.
4.4 At the reception of the total amount, MyGreek-Villa will send to the client a confirmation document in conformity with the type of rental permit that each villa has on the basis of the relevant Greek law. It could be either: A voucher to be presented at the person who will receive them at the villa and give them the keys or A contract agreement between the client and the owner, as required by Greek law 4791/13, which will include the same elements as the short term rental agreement. The client will be also informed by email of all details necessary on how to arrive at the villa, the expected date and time of their arrival, the person who is going to receive them and in certain cases whether they will be received at the airport or at the port of their destination.


5.1. The Client should arrive at the date and hour agreed, in principle after 15.00. In any case, conditions in each destination of airplanes and boats timetable will be taken into account for the expected time of arrival. If there is a delay, the Client should inform immediately the person who is charged to receive them at the villa/port/airport depending on the agreement. In certain case of early arrival the client might be asked to wait until the house is ready. The Client is requested to conform to these instructions. Otherwise, MyGreek-Villa cannot be held responsible if the villa is not available at the time expected.
5.2. The hour of departure is, in principle, agreed before 12.00. In particular cases where the timetable of boats or airplanes might create difficulties for an early departure this can be extended for a short period following a specific agreement with the owner or with MyGreek-Villa. In all other cases late departure will be charged as an extra half day of stay.
5.3. In principle, extensions of stay are not allowed unless there is availability and the extension is agreed with the owner and MyGreek-Villa at least 5 days before the expected departure.


Each property/villa has a specific capacity of accommodation of number of persons. Each rental contract is established for a maximum capacity of occupants. This maximum capacity should be respected in all circumstances. Greek National Tourist Organization permits are given on the basis of this maximum capacity. Any modification of the number of persons (always within the limits of the maximum number of persons) between the moment of reservation and the date of arrival should be notified by email to MyGreek-Villa. In case that more persons than the number agreed arrive at the villa the person responsible for receiving the clients can refuse the entrance of the additional persons or request an additional rent (if the total number does not exceed the maximum allowed by the permit). If additional people enter the property the reservation will be considered as cancelled without any compensation to the Client.


The short term rental agreement will stipulate whether the owner allows or not the presence of pets. If this is not explicitly mentioned in the contract the person responsible to receive the Clients has the right to refuse the entrance to the villa.


8.1. In principle the list of contents of a villa and its general condition is attached to the contract signed between the owner and the Client. The Client can make all remarks he/she thinks appropriate before signing the list.
8.2. The person who receives the Client will explain the functioning of all equipment and electric appliances. If there is a problem or some equipment does not work properly the Client should inform immediately MyGreek-Villa as well as the person who received them. The owner will provide the property to the Client clean, including all linen. If the Client has remarks on the cleanness of the villa he/she should make this remark immediately to the person who received them.
8.3. The Client should occupy the villa in an appropriate manner, keep it clean, avoid damages to the property, the furniture, the electric appliances and the utensils. During his/her stay the Client is fully responsible for the villa. The Client should ensure that all potential fire hazards are extinguished when the Client goes out or to bed. The Client should follow the instructions for electric appliances and ensures that are turned off when not at the villa or at night. Any damages by the Client will be covered by the security deposit (see article 9). If the damage is higher than the deposit the Client is liable to further reclamations.
8.4. Any problems should be brought to the attention of the person who received the Client and to MyGreek-Villa before the date of his/her departure so that the problem could be taken care immediately.


9.1. At the moment of the settlement of the total amount the Client should also send to the account of MyGreek-Villa a deposit equal to what is required by the owner of the villa and stipulated in the short term rental agreement. This is to cover any damages or excessive wear and tear caused by the Client to the property or its contents and discovered by MyGreek-Villa and/or the owner when the Client vacates the property. The security deposit will be returned to the Client within twenty (20) working days from the date of his/her departure if there are no damages.
9.2. In case there is a telephone, the owner might require an additional guarantee. This issue is directly negotiated with the owner.


10.1. All charges, electricity and water bills and local taxes are included in the price and paid by the Owner. Use of telephone line is not included.
10.2. Services provided are stipulated in the annex of the contract. In case of extra services required by the Client and they can be provided by the Owner, they will be an object of agreement between the Client and the owner or the person who will receive him/her and be paid directly to the Client without the intervention of MyGreek-Villa.


11.1. The Client can transfer his/her contract, on the basis of the same conditions to another person only with the agreement of MyGreek-Villa. He/she should notify MyGreek-Villa by registered letter or scanned PDF signed document seven (7) days before the beginning of the rental period.
11.2. Both the client and the person to whom the transfer has been made are jointly responsible for the payment of the total amount and any expenses incurred due to this transfer.


12.1. Any cancellation should be notified by email or fax to MyGreek-Villa.
12.2. In accordance with the article VI.53 12° of the Economical Code, the consumer may not exercise his right of withdrawal for the provision of accommodation other than for residential, transport, car rental, catering or services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a date or a specific implementation period.
12.3. For cancellations up to 61 days before the beginning of the renting period, MyGreek-Villa will retain the advance payment of the 35% of the total amount.
12.4. For cancellations after the payment of the total amount, that is less than 60 days prior to the beginning of the rental period, MyGreek-Villa will retain the 100% of the amount.
12.5. In case of non-presentation or of early departure, there will be no reimbursement.
12.6. Clients are advised to take an insurance to cover any eventual cancellations or early departure.
12.7. The security deposit will be reimbursed in full, minus any administrative costs.

12.8. When payment is done via credit card, any reimbursements should be done to the same credit card as where the payment came from.



13.1. The owner guarantees that the property complies with the legal provisions applicable to the hygiene, health and habitability requirements. Each owner has insurance for eventual accidents to guests in the property which can be attributed to his/her negligence.
13.2. Clients should be covered by their insurance for any accidents to their persons and any other holiday risks. Owners are not and cannot be held responsible for accidents caused due to the negligence and/or lack of attention of the Clients in the grounds of the property (garden, swimming pool, etc.)


14.1. In cases where MyGreek-Villa is obliged, due to unforeseen circumstances, to cancel the rental of a villa, it will immediately notify the Client. MyGreek-Villa will propose an alternative with similar characteristics both as regards capacity and price.
14.2. In cases where it is impossible to provide a property with similar characteristics and if the cancellation takes place less than 35 days before the arrival of the Client, MyGreek-Villa will reimburse the totality of the amount sent by the Client to MyGreek-Villa.


15.1. In cases of substantial modification of the rental agreement (capacity, installations, dates) that takes place before the beginning of the rental period MyGreek-Villa will inform immediately the Client, to the extent that the owner has informed MyGreek-Villa. The Client could cancel his/her reservation and request the reimbursement of the amounts paid or accept the alternative proposal of MyGreek-Villa.
15.2. If the proposal made to the Client is accompanied by a reduction of the price, the amount in excess will be sent back to the client.


16.1. In its capacity as authorized representative My Greek-Villa will be responsible only for the acts carried out by the company or its staff. MyGreek-Villa acts as an intermediary between owner and Client on the basis of a formal authorization it has received from the owner. My Greek-Villa does not assume any responsibility which belongs to the owner and in particular the availability of the property on the dates agreed.
16.2. MyGreek-Villa is not responsible for unforeseen events which it cannot control and which might create obstacles or modify the stay of the Clients.
16.3. The owner cannot be held responsible for events beyond his/her control, such as general electricity or water cuts, strikes, floods, etc.
16.4. in case of accidents, the owner will make all efforts to proceed to the necessary repairs as soon as possible.
16.5. MyGreek-Villa acting as an intermediary between owner and Client cannot be held responsible for any accidents which might happen in the rented villas.
16.6. Children are under the exclusive responsibility of their parents and they should never be left alone without surveillance in the house, the garden, the balconies and at the swimming pool.
16.7. In the event owner makes available internet access to client, client shall ensure that use make of such internet access complies with all applicable low. Client shall be entirely and solely responsible for any use make of such internet access during the rental period, and shall hold owner of the villa and MyGreek-Villa harmless for any legal consequences of use such internet usage.


Photographs of the property can be taken only for personal use. Any other use (publication, etc.) is prohibited, unless there is an explicit authorization from MyGreek-Villa acting on behalf of the owner.


18.1. All complaints should be addressed to MyGreek-Villa and to the owner/person who received them at the property and be accompanied by all evidence proving the nature of the complaint. If the Client refuses to occupy the property because he/she considers that it is not in conformity with his/her expectations and he/she claims a reimbursement of the rent he/she should support the complaint by the opinion of an independent expert. Any reclamation should be addressed at the latest 30 days after the departure of the Client.
18.2. The parties will meet to try to find a solution outside the courts. If within sixty days, the solution is not found the litigation may be submitted to the Brussels courts.


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